Pepper plenty

It is as if the peppers are trying to make up for the poor zucchini and cucumber harvest this year. As always, I start cutting off all bell pepper blossoms in early August so the plants put their energy into the peppers that are already there, and I don’t end up with oodles of tiny green peppers at the onset of frost in October.

A bumper crop of bell peppers is not a problem – I freeze them and use them all winter long for various dishes and my Red Pepper Spread. But what to do with all those jalapeños from one single plant? After I used them for salsa, and froze and dried some (they are not turning red as expected), I was running out of ideas, especially since my husband does not like hot foods. Then I found a fabulous recipe for Bread and Butter Jalapeños. After I tried the first bite I instantly regretted that I had only made half the recipe. They were gone in a few days. I even ate some straight out of the jar, something I usually never do. Now I am collecting all the jalapeños for canning a large batch.

Yesterday I felt a slight disappointment rising when there was only a handful of jalapeños, and was reassured seeing plenty of more growing. Interesting how one great recipe can make you change your perspective.

2 thoughts on “Pepper plenty

  1. I’ve never heard of clipping the blossoms – maybe that’s why I have a lot of little tiny peppers out there. I keep hoping they’ll all make it, but you’re right, it’s probably smarter to just cut your losses and get some good ones. Thanks.

    1. It feels a bit radical but I always do this towards the end of summer, with tomatoes and other crops as well. Especially this year, as the bell peppers are huge, the plants would just collapse under the weight.

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