Spoonfuls of Germany


Spoonfuls of GermanyIf you were served a menu starting with a bright green pea soup with semolina dumplings that melt in your mouth, followed by haddock fillets in creamy mustard sauce, and honey parfait with kirsch for dessert, would you think you are eating German? Most likely not. Because sauerkraut, sausage and Black Forest Cake are usually the first things people think of when they hear German cooking. But there is so much more to it! Every German region has its own distinct dishes using a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, and much more.

My book Spoonfuls of Germany is about the diverse German regional cuisine. In the 200 recipes, I included classics such as spaetzle and sauerbraten, but also forgotten delicacies like Westphalian pumpernickel pudding.

The ebook edition is now available on Amazon worldwide. To order the ebook on Amazon USA click here. On Amazon international sites, search for “Spoonfuls of Germany Kindle edition”.

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