I promise, I will feed you better!

Rhubarb lemonade

As a Master Gardener I should know. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I have been skimping on fertilizing my own garden. That fact dawned on me last fall after attending a refresher training.

“Think about everything you harvest from the garden in a growing season. You must return the nutrients to the soil,” the speaker said. “There is nothing wrong with regularly fertilizing your garden but sometimes people who garden organically have this odd reluctance to do that.” Continue reading

Welcome visitors

Fox on his morning stroll, February 2016

Sometimes an annoyance has a bright side too. Last week I temporarily lost the entire content of my email inbox but luckily was able to retrieve it. In the tedious process of sorting through lots of lots of old emails I did some long overdue filing and sorting. When my husband sent me a photo of a fox he took from our kitchen window this morning, I thought, “Wait, this is almost identical of what he took in February of last year!” Maybe it’s not the same fox, but no doubt it is again a beautiful representative of its species. Continue reading