A tablecloth that was a sleeping beauty for 125 years

During my visit to Germany in December 2019, my mother and I cleared out my uncle’s utterly cluttered apartment.  One of the treasures we found was a roll of handwoven linen. It had been woven by my maternal great-grandmother Luise, most likely during the first years of her marriage in the late 1890s or early 1900s before she had her hands full with four children (the youngest being my grandfather) and feeding the farmhands and grain mill workers at the family operations every day. Continue reading

Spoonfuls of Germany is part of The German-American Friendship Year

Twenty years after I immigrated from Germany to the United States, my ties to my native country are still strong. From the red and black currants I grow in my garden, to the bread, cakes and pastries I bake, there is a taste of Germany, a little bit of German customs and traditions in my life every day.

That’s why I am happy, with my German food blog, Spoonfuls of Germany, to be part of The German-American Friendship Year (Deutschlandjahr USA). The campaign officially kicks off on October 3, 2018, and runs for an entire year.

On Spoonfuls of Germany I explore Germany through its food from the American vantage point. Based on the concept that many foods and dishes have a fascinating story behind them, the blog provides a personal window into Germany’s history, society, culture, politics, arts, and more.

During Deutschlandjahr, the blog will focus on German food culture in the United States, tracing its German origins, how it evolved, and profiling the people behind the food.