Quince a surpise

When I was biking to the post office this afternoon, our neighbor yelled over „Hey, I have quinces. Do you want some?“ Did I want some?!?

Last fall I asked every local farmer and vendor at farm markets for quinces, to no avail. Then, at the end of October, our neighbor spotted a couple of abandoned quince trees at the place where he presses his apples for cider. So one evening he knocked on our door with a big basket of quinces. They were already way past their prime but I was happy nonetheless. I divided the quinces into small batches to use them for as many different recipes as I could. The quince compote was yummy, other things were not so good yet the overall quince experience and taste made me want to try out more recipes with this ugly duckling of the fruit world.

Ugly duckling… maybe not. The quinces I lugged home today are big, plump and beautiful.

Now I have all weekend to think about what I am going to do with them.

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