Foraging with Laszlo: Discovery of new tastes

Laszlo and crabapples

The munching explorations of Laszlo, our new puppy, has had me in stitches more than once this summer. When I trimmed and bundled garlic, the puppy was sitting underneath the patio table chewing on leaves and stalks that fell down. I did not realize that a big fat garlic clove had dropped down as well, until my husband, who was lying down with a headache and cuddled with Laszlo for comfort, wondered about the puppy’s intense garlic smell, which made him feel even worse. Continue reading

Chicken surprise

Freezer board

As we are hunkering down for record-breaking cold, it is wonderfully comforting and reassuring to look at the shelves stocked with jams and preserves and a freezer loaded with vegetables and fruit, most of it from the garden, the rest from local growers.

A few people have asked me lately, “What will you grow in your garden this year?” I have not given it any thought, and frankly, I don’t want to quite yet. I am still recovering from a long gardening and canning season. Continue reading